Thursday, August 28, 2008

I... Have been tagged!

I am: Laura.
I think: I need a vacation, without kids.
I know: my Heavenly Father loves me.
I want: to fit into my jeans again.
I have: a beautiful family.
I wish: I was more organized.
I hate: the smell of menudo. Isaac loves the stuff.
I miss: sleeping in. Dang kindergarten.
I fear: failing as a mother.
I feel: like crap. I have a cold.
I hear: Alli taking care of her baby
I smell: nothing. I've got a cold.
I crave: anything with sugar.
I search: for things to do with a 3 year old.
I wonder: what Isaac is doing right now.
I regret: not finishing college.
I love: my family.
I care: what people think of me.
I always: check on my kids at night.
I am not: a supermom.
I believe: in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. (You're singing the song in your head right now aren't you.)
I dance: when the girls want to have a dance party.
I sing: in Primary
I don't always: do the dishes at night.
I fight: about home decorating. Isaac wants to be too involved.
I write: hardly anything. I mostly type.
I lose: sleep. My 1 year old still doesn't sleep through the night.
I win: at boardgames. Just ask Isaac.
I never: clean my own room. It's always the last thing on my list.
I listen: to lots of I am a Child of God solos. (thanks Alli and Lexi)
I can usually be found: at home.
I am scared: of spiders.
I need: Tivo
I am happy about: my life. So far so good.
I tag: anyone who wants to do this. It was kind of hard.

Beach fun

We had such a good time on our campout at McGrath State Beach. All of the cousins got to play all week and the adults got to hang out an visit.

Alexis took this picture. I caught her a few times stealing the camera and taking random pictures.
It took Alli a little while to warm up to great grandpa, but once she did she couldn't stop giving him loves.
Lexi and Melena really like to show their funny faces.
Aaron really enjoyed eating the sand and dirt as you can see.This is most of the kids. We were singing songs getting ready for the talent show.
We went to Lompoc to visit my grandpa. Most of us hadn't seen him for a while so it was great to visit.
Isaac was very serious about the sandcastle contest. He won.
Aaron really enjoyed the dirt. I'm not sure he ate anything else all week.

Monday, August 18, 2008

Alexis started school

She actually started the 11th, but I'm just getting around to blogging about it. She has been so excited for school to start and she absolutely loves it. I was so worried that she wouldn't like it, but she gets so excited everyday to go. On Friday I had to break it to her that she couldn't go to school the next day and she started crying. I'm so glad she loves it. I just can't believe I am old enough to have a kindergartner.