Thursday, January 22, 2009

Things have been good, until...

Things have been going well for us lately. Isaac's health is improving, Aaron's eye's are finally going straight, and I got made permanent at work. So of course the Lord decided things were too easy. Aaron and Alexis went in for their well child checks last week. Lexi is in the 50th percentile like always, but Aaron has fallen off the charts. He is in the under 5th percentile because he is so small. He also had to get shots, which I didn't think anything about. He gets shots all the time with no problems. He started scratching his face like crazy a few days ago so we just thought his excema had spread. Then I started thinking. Some of his sores looked really gross and irritated and his excema cream wasn't working at all. Finally today I remembered what happened to Alexis after her 18 month appointment. She got the Varicella vaccine which gave her chicken pox and the same thing happened to Aaron. It isn't supposed to be contagious or very bad when they get it this way, but we will keep him away from the masses for few days just in case. He looks horrible, but I don't think he feels that badly. Hopefully this will clear up soon.

Isaac had fun putting the calomine lotion on Aaron.