Thursday, October 2, 2008

Oh boys...

Well, the men in my family are having a hard time right now. On Sunday we had to take Isaac to the ER. He was sitting at church and started having really bad chest pain. They took him right back and got him a shot of morphine but still don't really know why he was having so much pain. We think maybe the mass is irritating the lung for some reason. It took them 8 hours to figure that out by the way. He is on Vicodin to help with the pain and we are waiting for his pulmonologist to get back to us.

On to the next boy. Aaron had his appointment with the eye specialist yesterday. There is nothing wrong with his eyes, but for some reason he is only using his right eye most of the time. The bad part about that is that it could lead to permanate loss of sight. We are trying to treat him by putting an eye patch on his good eye for 3 hours a day. You can imagine how well this is going so far. I pretty much have to hold him the whole time so he won't take it off. The longest he has worn it is 45 minutes. We have a week to get him to wear the patch or I will have to dialate his good eye everyday which will make it blurry in the hope that he will compensate with the bad eye.

Good thing the girls are so tough. I don't know if I could handle anymore specialist appointments.