Monday, May 25, 2009

It's been a while so here's an update on us. It is officially summer around here so the swimming has begun. This is a cute picture of my kids and my brother Josh's kids having fun in the jacuzzi.

Isaac took Aaron to his first baseball game. They had a lot of fun in their baseball hats.Alli and Aaron continue to take darn cute pictures together.Allison turned four years old. She got a new haircut, dress, and shoes for the occasion. We love her to pieces. She is our little ball of fire.Alexis finished her first year of school. We are so proud of her. When can I send her back again?In other news, Aaron has been seeing a lot of doctors and therapists lately. He started PT and speech and is making some really good progress. He is taking steps on a regular basis and is starting to learn how to sign. He is getting braces for his legs this week. His feet point out when he is standing so his ortho is trying to fix it. He will be having surgery on his eyes again on June 8th. Isaac will be out of town AGAIN for surgery day, but we will get through it anyway. Aaron is also seeing a nuerologist on Wednesday. Hopefully we will get some answers about some of his issues soon. I guess they don't call it practicing medicine for nothing.

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Happy Mother's Day!
I hope all you mommys out there have a wonderful day.